How do magnetic patches affect the body

How do magnetic patches affect the human body?

Magnetic therapy also known as magnotherapy is the practise of using magnets to influence the electromagnetic fields of the human body. The magnets are used to relieve pain by influencing ions and bloodflow. A magnetic patch or a pain relief patch works wonders on stimulating weak areas of the body to reduce swelling and pain.

The pip pain relief patches are odourless and fairly inconspicuous. They do not cause any skin irritation, are portable and do not have to be taken off while taking a shower or exercising as they are resistant to water.

People who have never heard of magnet therapy are often concerned about the safety of these techniques. They can rest assure that magnet therapy is harmless and safe to practise. It has been in use for centuries and does not contain any drugs, chemicals or artificial additives. The speed at which the patches effects are felt varies depending on the person. For some people it can take a couple of weeks for results to be felt and for others, results can be felt in a couple of minutes. Pip places a strong emphasis on the safety and health of their customers and thorough tests have been conducted to ensure the safety of their products.
Some people doubt the effectiveness of magnetic therapy. A study conducted by a sceptical Dr. Vallbona in November 1997 points towards magnet therapy being viable. Dr Valbona studied 50 post polio patients with painful arthritic joints. He gave active and inactive magnets randomly to participants to strap onto their painful trigger points. When 45 minutes had passed, 76 percent of the active magnet patients reported pain relief while 19 percent of the inactive group reported less pain. These results are very convincing of the results of magnet therapy.

Magnetic patches also affect the body in other positive ways. The patches have been seen to cure or help people who are suffering from depression and accelerate healing of injuries by making blood flow faster to affected areas of the body so that tissue growth is faster. A whole slew of other benefits like restful sleep, less stiffness in muscles and joints, reduced allergy symptoms and fewer headaches have also been reported by users of magnetic patches.
While there may be many people who dispute the authenticity of magnet therapy, there are more people who swear by magnet therapy and all its benefits.