What Are The Common Misconceptions About Iris Recognition

What Are The Common Misconceptions About Iris Recognition?

Just like most movies tend to exaggerate the capabilities of technologies or other imaginary scenarios, rumour mills have taken it upon themselves to discredit iris recognition systems in the eyes of the general public. No matter how effectively one tries to discredit something or someone, the truth will eventually emerge on its own merit. This holds good even in the case of the iris recognition technology as well. For many years now, eyes have been thought of as the indicators of the innate human nature. While its veracity is yet to be verified, the
fact that eyes can be used to distinguish people accurately is now well accepted by the scientific community.

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Most people do not know that, the patterns in the iris of human eyes are one of the most intricate things in the world. As it forms when the baby is in the womb, it follows no guidelines whatsoever and it is as random as things can get in the natural world. This level of intricacy is the strength of the modern iris recognition systems. People need to understand that, it is the colour of the eye which is genetically determined, not the pattern of the iris. It is high time people�s doubts about the iris recognition system are cleared, as it is set to become commonplace in the near future. In this article we shall discuss, what are the common misconceptions about iris recognition.

Laser used in iris recognition is harmful in the long run
In the movies, iris recognition is depicted in the form of a laser scanning the eye, but truth be told, the actual iris recognition system does not work anything like that. Actual iris recognition systems capture the image of the eye through a near infrared camera. Considering that this wavelength is hardly visible to the human eye and that it pulses at a very high frequency, it has absolutely no effect on the human eye whatsoever. Even prolonged exposure to it makes no difference and the iris recognition system finishes its job in under a few seconds.

Identical twins can fool iris recognition systems easily
Nothing can be more farther from the truth, since the pattern of the irises are randomly formed with no bearing to one�s genetics, identical twins have no edge over iris recognition systems. Even the irises of the same person have no correlation among them whatsoever.